At the Concussion Place, we offer two segments to our Concussion Treatment, an Assessment Process and Concussion Management. Below you will find the specifics to our concussion treatment and all of what is involved. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, visit our Contact page, or call us at (719) 380-8055 .

Concussion Assessment

  • Comprehensive Neurologic Examination
    • Dr. Gulla and his staff are concussion experts. The examination is designed to identify functional lesions, or problems doing specific activities, such as balance, coordination, memory, the ability to read and write, verbal communication, and mental concentration. The Comprehensive neurologic examination consists of a comprehensive medical history, standard neurologic examination, computerized posturography examination, SCAT2 examination.
  • Balance Screening
    • We use state-of-the-art Computerized Posturography to assess one of the most common complications of concussion, problems with balance and equilibrium.
      Postural Screening
      Concussion has a funny way of changing the parts of the brain that control posture and spinal curvatures. If this has happened as a result of your injury, we’ll find it and come up with a plan to resolve it.
  • Post-Traumatic Vision Syndrome Screening
    • Many patients with concussion also develop visual disturbances that are related to the brain, rather than the eyes. If it’s present, we’ll identify it and help to come up with a plan to resolve it.
  • Baseline Testing
    • Baseline testing is a test that measures how well your brain functions. Many tests measure only the cognitive function of your brain. We at The Concussion Place (TCP) measure how well your brain functions in all areas including in cognitive, balance & equilibrium, vision, motor skills and internal body communication. Learn More

Concussion Management

  • Brain Nutrition
    • One of the most important aspects of concussion management is brain nutrition. We’ll set you up on a plan to ensure that your brain has all of the vital nutrients needed for the healing process to run efficiently.
  • Brain Therapy
    • Your examination will lead us to the identification of your specific brain injuries. We’ll use this data to set up a rehabilitation plan for your brain. Essentially, we’ll be asking your brain to perform in very specific ways while you’re in the office.
  • Brain Exercises
    • Your brain therapy will quickly develop into brain exercises that you’ll do as homework. These exercises will help to rehabilitate the areas of your brain that struggle to function properly, due to your injury.
  • Return to Work or School Decisions
    • Premature return to activities can have devastating effects on the concussed patient. We’ll help to educate you on the proper return to activities protocol. We’ll also help with coordinating this return with your employer or school.

We accept the following insurances:

Collision/Automobile Insurance

If you’ve been in a car accident and have whip lash or concussion injuries, we can help you! In general, any chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, and concussion work we do is covered under automobile insurance at 100%. There is only one exception with this and that is if you are an at-fault driver and you did not purchase medical pay coverage on your insurance policy. If that is the case we can still bill your medical insurance for services rendered. So give us a call and we can get you feeling better!

Medical Insurance

We accept all insurances that cover chiropractic services. Since the work that we do is so specialized, we ask that you give us your insurance information ahead of your appointment so that we can do an insurance verification. We will then inform you of your options with us. Call and schedule an appointment today!

We also accept: