Dr. Gulla is a true expert in the field of Functional Neurology. His depth of knowledge and understanding is unmatched. I have spoken to other Dr.’s and heard of their high regard for Dr. Gulla in this field. Dr. Gulla shows genuine care for his patients and gives generously of his time in treatment and diagnosis. You don’t want to trust your brain with just anyone. In taking our young daughter to him we have always felt assured she was getting the best attention available.

keithdorschtKeith Dorscht

Relationship Expert,
Speaker & Counselor
Creator of The Communication Cure

Dr. Brad Gulla is a well educated and driven doctor, especially when it comes to concussion injuries and their treatment. He is so well versed that he teaches seminars for other doctors on the topic.

quote-01David Byers

Byers Chiropractic

Dr. Gulla first began to treat me shortly after I was rear ended in an auto accident in August of 2012. He took the time to explain to me in detail what had happened to me and what I was going through. As a lay person I did not know what was going on nor why I was feeling the way that I was. Thanks to Dr. Brad he helped put all the pieces in place for me to deal with what I had been through and what I was going to go through for a while. I would highly recommend that anyone that is in the position of having been in an auto accident to trust that he will get you through it! Concussions, no matter how mild are nothing to be ignored. He is the best!

kenglaeserKen Glaeser

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Gulla is an excellent neurological specialist. Dr. Gulla takes the time and effort to make sure each of his patients are taken care of properly to ensure results. In one meeting with Dr. Gulla, you will be amazed at how vast his knowledge base is. I absolutely recommend Dr. Gulla to any person.

scottandersonScott Anderson


 I highly recommend Dr. Brad for his work with head injuries and concussion. He has continually worked to expand his knowledge in this difficult area of rehabilitation and has a great track record in terms of successful resolutions with his concussion cases.

paulaustinPaul Austin

Chiropractic Neurologist
Austin Chiropractic Center

The chiropractic profession is fortunate to have specially educated doctors like Dr. Brad Gulla. Dr. Gulla has special skills in concussion management and other neurological conditions. I recommend Dr. Gulla without reservation because of his superior qualifications.

quote-01Dr. Ken Spresser

President & Owner
Indian Tree Chiropractic, P.C.

Dr. Gulla is the best functional neurology practitioner in southern Colorado.

joelkleinJoel Klein

Holistic Physician

A lot of people don’t realize that after a car accident or any type of injury where your body is traumatized that there’s always the possibility there could be something going on in your head and a lot of people walk around with problems and can’t troubleshoot and don’t know why its happening. So I would say that The Concussion Place is a good place to come and have all those issues addressed. Dr. Gulla has been very kind, thorough, and he explains everything and makes me feel comfortable about the process.



Dr. Gulla is the very first doctor who I have felt instantly, and he’s proven it at every visit, that he gets it. He’s the first doctor who understood, a lot of other doctors unfortunately made me feel like a number and they just didn’t get it, I wasn’t feeling right, I was falling over and things just weren’t going well. Dr. Gulla and his staff totally get it and they help everyone who comes to them.